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10 Advanced Building + Editing Tips & Tricks – Fortnite Battle Royale (Chapter 2)

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In this video, I showcase 10 advanced building, editing, and game sense tips and tricks you need to learn in Chapter 2. In order of appearance, these pro tips include: the Khanada classic edit, a new box fighting edit to stay protected while wall replacing, a new trick to phase through your opponents builds and counter turtling, insane pre-edit trick that allows you to get a free pump shot off, new fishing rod trick that allows you to pick up free loot, a smart way to replace your opponents build and angle for box fighting, an old rpg trick to counter turtling that now works again, tip on how to destroy barrels faster in slurpy swamp for health and shield, 200 IQ trap trick to outplay your opponents, how to stay protected while swimming, and finally, raider464 floating edit trick challenge. All of these tips and trick will help you out a ton in Fortnite Chapter 2, so I definitely recommend learning and mastering them. These…

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