Windows 11 comes with a ton of changes. A new UI, android app compatibility, improved resources management, and so much more are all packed into Microsoft’s brand new operating system. However, it is still the same OS underneath, and that’s a good thing. If you made the jump to Windows 11, you may realize a few things have changed, starting with the placement of the Start button.

In this guide, we have jotted down a few Windows 11 tips and tricks to help you with the transition and learn new features.

🕑Time Stamp🕑
00:00 Introduction
00:14 Change the Taskbar and Start Menu Alignment
01:25 Customize the Recommended Section
03:06 Display the Classic Right-Click Menu
03:54 Customize Snap Windows
05:21 Where’s the Task Manager?
06:39 Add Folders to the Start Menu
08:41 Hide the Widget and Chat App
10:10 Customize the Quick Settings Panel
11:42 Title Bar Windows Shake
13:34 Enable Dark Mode

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