Want to learn some Secret Siri Features? Here are 11 Amazing Tips-Tricks, Siri Settings and Hidden Siri Features. Check out these Secret Siri Tips-Tricks for iPhone Users. Learn how you can use Siri Settings on iPhone like a Pro. Try out these useful iPhone Siri Settings, Hidden Siri Tips-Tricks and Cool Siri Features.

00:00 – Introduction
00:25 – Siri Feature to Make A Call Using Siri
00:43 – Siri Settings to Set Siri to Announce Calls
01:15 – Share Content with Others using Siri
01:46 – Take Pictures and Shoot Videos using Siri
02:15 – Play Favourite Music using Siri
02:44 – Siri Command to Send Messages using Siri
03:20 – Siri Trick to Get Weather Info using Siri
03:54 – Siri Settings to Get Map Directions using Siri
04:39 – Siri Command to Open Settings
04:58 – Siri Secret to Delete Siri History
05:37 – Siri Command to Know More Siri Tricks

In this video, I’ll show you 11 hidden iPhone Siri tips-tricks and secret Siri commands that you might not be knowing. Make calls using…