Cool Internet Tricks You Should Know… There are now more than 4.5 billion people that use the internet. To get the most out of using it, I’ll show you a dozen tips and tricks for use on the internet along with those used with your browser to help improve your online experience.

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“Internet Tricks” Playlist

Browser Notepad: See Comments (Turns out that angled brackets are not allowed in the descriptions.)

0:00 Intro
0:17 Bypass Website Walls
1:14 Browse Photos/Videos in Subreddit
1:37 View Saved Web Pages
2:20 Autocomplete Web Address
2:48 Bookmark All Open Tabs
3:24 Use Disposable Email
3:48 For Fans of “Friends”
4:34 Shop Using Incognito/Private Window
5:11 Play YouTube Slow Motion
5:41 Move Cursor by Words
6:00 Use Browser to Take Notes
6:29 Open Media File in Browser
6:39 Bonus: Play a Game