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15 Proven Ways How You can make Windows 10 Faster in 2019

In this video, I demonstrate the 15 Proven and Best Tips to make Windows 10 faster for free. (Nov 2019).

Proven Ways to make Windows 10 faster:

1. Reduce the number of icons on Desktop- This will reduce our Computer’s Memory usage.

2. Reduce the number of ‘Startup Programs and Services’- ‘Startup Programs’ and ‘Startup Services’ start automatically as soon as we start our Computer. So, let’s make sure that we don’t start ‘Programs and Services’ that we don’t need
2.1. Reduce the number of Startup Programs
2.2. Reduce the number of Startup Services

3. Uninstall unwanted Software from your Computer- Let’s remove the software that we don’t need or don’t use.
3.1. From Control Panel
3.2. Default Apps

4. Modify settings on your Computer to improve speed drastically
4.1. ‘Visual Effects’ setting
4.2. Turn Off the ‘Transparency Effects’
4.3. Turn ‘Game Mode’ On
4.4. Modify ‘Tips and Tricks…

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