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2015 Macbook Pro In 2022 Is It Still Worth It?

This is the 2015 13 inch base model MacBook Pro. In this video I discuss some of the best things about the 2015 MacBook Pro. Some of my favourite things about the MacBook along with some of the issues I have faced over the many years I have used this apple laptop.

Here are some things I found interesting about the 2015 MacBook or facts I decided to cut out of the video.
The actual design of this laptop is now 10 years old! This design was first seen on the retina MacBook Pro in 2012 and last seen on this 2015 MacBook Pro.
It weighs 1.58kg
The 2015 MacBook Retina display is still better than the majority of windows laptops made today even though the MacBook does have some pretty thick bezels.

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