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2016-2017 A1707 Macbook Pro 15″ Touchbar Keyboard Replacement

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This video shows the installation of a new keyboard in a 2016 MacBook Pro 15″ Touchbar, Model A1707. This also applies to the 2017 model. This is an advanced repair and will definitely void your warranty. But you don’t have a warranty anymore since it’s a 2016-2017 model so what the heck. It’s not extremely complicated, but definitely requires patience and finesse, especially when removing rivets. I use my MackBook all day every day and got tired of constantly replacing keys. Didn’t want to spend over a $1000 for apple to do the repair on a 6 year old laptop. I didn’t film the removal of other parts to access the keyboard, but I have a guide listed below that will show you how. In the video I do not remove the display before removing the keyboard, but i suggest fast forwarding to the display removal part of the video before keyboard removal. Also, you may not need superglue in the rivet holes if your screws fit tightly. Mine did not so superglue was necessary. Parts used…

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