Today’s discussion is based on the new MacBook Pro 13 inch model 2020 edition. This is, of course, Apple’s latest laptop to hit the market; it sure is interesting.

One of the headliners is supposed to be the Intel 10th-generation chips. The 16″ MacBook Pro has a 9th-generation, and a higher generation is a better thing.

Another feature is the beloved Magic Keyboard. FINALLY.

Along with some other minor tweaks. This MacBook Pro is starting to take shape… or at least it is supposed to. One catch is that you have to start paying more towards the 16″ price range in order to get a macbook with the 10th-generation intel chips.


And while this is a little odd, there are some features that are clear in stating that this refresh is more powerful than before.

But is that enough reason to upgrade?

I, personally do not think so. Why?

Find out more in the video 🙂

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