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2021 MacBook Pro M1 Pro – Logic Pro 10.7 – NI Kontakt 6 Stress Test – Music Production

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This is the Third test I ran today. Recorded through my phone for simplicity. Plugged into the 97w power adapter for this test because we were at 8% due to running multiple other tests and the laptop had not been plugged in for 21 hours.

Running in Rosetta for Compatibility purposes.

I had 80 Instances of Kontakt 6 running the Scarbee Mark 1 – “Pink Playboy” Preset

Each channel had EQ – Compression – FabFilter Pro R

Stereo Bus had – AnalogObsession PREDD – Tremolo – Fabfilter Pro L (4x oversampling) – EQ

I swept through the EQ to see if plugin editing was working on the fly during playback while maintaining smooth audio.

We were running at 48khz with a buffer size of 64!! And a medium buffer range.

The test went flawlessly! At only 47% CPU Usage I could have doubled this test and probably been fine! Using roughly only 10GB of RAM. If you usually have 100 Track sessions with Audio, Virtual Instruments, Samples and Busses or Groups with plugin processing, then you…

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