20210323 SBAU Teleworkshop – Bro Lawr, Autoguide, mirror testing

March 23, 2021 Santa Barbara Astronomical Unit Telescope and Astrophotography Astronomy workshop to put it simply.
-MikeC remembered his 2012 Venus transit w/ sunset photo from Surf (Vandenberg). JerryW showed the Utah annular solar eclipse and Australia total eclipse.
-HenkA attempting autoguiding w Orion SSAG and ZWO 120MM Mini ($150), but windy times. What does clutching mean for a telescope mount? Why leave it a little loose?
-BobR had recently talked to SBAU past member Brother Lawrence, 91 yrs old, in New Jersey? nursing home restricted to wheelchair, but Bro still loves hearing about astronomy. He once took a picture of a comet passing behind a cross of the Episcopal church. His monastery burned in Montecito in 2012?
-TimC will be making a new LED circuit for knife edge testing of his mirror and BruceM and MikeC gave him suggestions for circuits. MikeC reminded him to keep eye at exact same place when measuring pin stick points and mentioned use of webcam instead an…