Here are over 40 Minecraft 1.18 Build Ideas and Build Hacks for you to use in your New Minecraft 1.18 World – FREE MINECRAFT WORLD DOWNLOAD

In today’s Minecraft 1.18 Tutorial, with Avomance, I am going to give you more than 40 Easy Build Ideas in Minecraft 1.18.
These simple ideas will allow you to make your world look better and speed up your building skills

This easy to follow tutorial will show you lots of simple Build ideas for Minecraft 1.18, many of which will work in earlier versions of the game.


The World Download for this Video is available at:

Simply go to the website, click the “FREE DOWNLOADS” tab, and hit the link for JAVA
Sorry Bedrock players

Download this, or any other Minecraft World you would like, including Iron Farm Worlds, XP Farm Worlds, Cool Minecraft Builds and more!


00:00 Introduction
00:19 Minecraft World Download
00:30 Best Minecraft 1.18 Seeds
00:36 How to make an Animal Pen using Trapdoors
01:07 Easy Bonemeal Farm…