Chrome OS 98 is out and available for most devices at this point, so it’s time to dig in and see what new features are hiding both behind flags and in plain sight. Michael did a great job highlighting the main new features of Chrome OS 98 in a post earlier this week, but just like we see with each iteration of the operating system, there are some really handy features that are basically ready to go if you simply turn on a few flags.

As we always point out, some of the stuff we’ll discuss today is still in development and may or may not work for you as a daily addition. If any of these flags cause you trouble, just turn them off for now. However, there are a few of them that are far enough along in the development cycle to deem worth a look. They could really enhance your Chromebook experience, so let’s get into it.

Flags mentioned in the video:

– chrome://flags/#smart-lock-ui-revamp
– chrome://flags/#ash-drag-window-to-new-desk
– chrome://flags/#enable-desks-templates