8 How To Enable (Or Disable) The Taskbar Cortana Search Bar (2020)

Welcome back to our course on Windows 10.
It’s time now to use the search box and cortana to a large extent you’re probably use these for similar
First of all we’re going to look at the search box itself and how you can use it to get help on all
sorts of things both to locate things on your device but also to do things like search the web for information
and then we’ll look at cortana and how you can use that to search by use of your voice.
So in this case you’ll be running cortana on your device and using voice input to cortana.
First of all let’s look at doing a pretty straightforward search.
The search box is down towards the left hand end of the taskbar.
If I click in there you’ll notice that because of the setup that I have I’ve actually got a cortana
prompt there as well but I’m going to ignore those blue letters in the black panel that out that be.
I’m just going to look at what I’m typing in the search box and what I’m going to do is to type photos.
Watch what…