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AMAZING Microphone Quality with FREE Plugins!

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Learn how to add free VST plugins to make your microphone sound amazing! We’ll be adding plugins for noise gates, equalizers (EQ), compressors, and de-essers to give you the best sound out of your mic!
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🔗 *Links from the video:*
Noise Gate (Renegate) –
EQ (TDR Nova) –
Compressor (RoughRider3) –
De-Esser (T-De-Esser) –
Noise Suppression (NVIDIA/VoiceFX) –
Noise Suppression (RNNoise) –

⏩ *Timestamps:*
0:00 Audio Plugins for Streamers
0:28 Downloads, Software, and Adding VST’s
1:13 Noise Gate
3:51 Equalizer (EQ)
6:32 Compressor
8:23 De-Esser
9:39 Noise Suppression
10:31 Bonus Tips

👾 *My favorite stream overlays and…

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