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AMD Radeon NimeZ Adrenalin 2022 22.5.1 Insight Install Guide (Include AMD Drivers Preview May 2022)

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Best to look in 1080p – Special Credit to Mylipho15, Amernime Zone and Vinex FX for awesome AMD Radeon Amernime Zone GFX.

AMD Driver Mod NimeZ Adrenalin 2022 22.5.1 Insight with Relive Support on New UI for Ryzen APU/Athlon APU, both Desktop and Laptop version, fully supports Windows 11 with TPM 2 and Secure Boot enabled, including installation guide and AMD Drivers Preview May 2022. Also support Relive and possibility to use Radeon Super Resolution for MUXless notebooks (new generation AMD APU + Radeon dGPU, Windows 11 is strongly recommended to use this feature).

Why using modded drivers if these APUs is still got driver support by AMD? Because it’s far more reliable, stable and you can use Relive in new UI without need to go back to old UI aka Crimson and losing much features that only accessible via new UI, and the last things these modded drivers receive faster support, you encounter bugs while using it, just tell them, they will fix it quickly. Is Official drivers stable?…

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