This is the best Among Us mod menu I have played with. You need to try it ASAP.

Make sure you watch the full video, it is very important.

Guys the among us mod has received a new update a few days ago and it is looking very good. I thought I should make an updated tutorial on how to download this mod so here I am.
Just like the last version the app requires no root or jailbroken devices so it will work on all devices including tablets.

Here are all the features this among us mod has:
★ Show Crew/Impostor
★ No Kill Cooldown
★ End Vote (immediately skip voting process)
★ Move In Meeting
★ Unlimited Emergency Meetings
★ No Meeting Cooldown
★ No Door Cooldown [Imposter]
★ Sabotage Lights
★ Repair Sabotage
★ Torch Distance (increase your view)
★ Close Doors
★ See Ghosts + Ghosts Chat
★ Complete All Tasks With The Press Of A Button
★ Text Spammer
★ Vote Anyone Out (makes all people vote one colour)
★ Speed Hack
★ Always Imposter
★ End Game…