Apple’s Lack Of Innovation Is Hurting Your MacBook Pro

Following the recent update to MacOS Catalina my feeling is that of being underwhelmed. Looking through the change log, once you skip over the always-present note about bug fixes and security, Apple offered two minor changes around media production (improved gamma handling on specific external monitor, and 4K multi-stream editing performance. Compare this minimal release to the iOS release in the same timeframe. iOS 13.3 brought new features to Apple News, additional controls in Screen Time, and improvements to the Stocks app, tweaks to Gmail, Photos, Exchange, text input, messages, voice memos, dark mode, wireless charging… as well as the bug fixes. Even the point update to 13.3.1 from last week improved the security in screen time and added in numerous options and configurations to protect your location. Once more the MacOS platform is picking up little more than maintenance releases since