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Back 4 Blood – Make it look more like L4D2 (simple graphic tweaks)

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Simple graphic setting changes to make Back 4 Blood look better AND more like Left 4 Dead 2
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I’ve spent a ton of time in Back 4 Blood since launch and have tweaked the graphics to look way less saturated and overly hyped. With a few simple settings changes, I’ve been able to make it look more real and deliver an in game experience visually that feels a lot more like Left 4 Dead 2.

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Music: G & Hawkeye
Animations: Rich Bowen
GG Logo: Kent Swendseid
Music: NOTT
NOTT – The Wretched Sounds

Everything Else: G


WTF is Back 4 Blood
What is Back 4 Blood
WTF is back 4 blood
What is back…

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