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Best Valorant Settings to Boost FPS & Performance – Optimization Guide

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This tutorial shows the best Valorant settings to boost FPS and performance. Some of the Valorant settings can impact your frame rate significantly without providing much value. Typically, the best settings for Valorant will prioritize frame rate due to the competitive nature of the game.

The best Valorant settings for low end PCs or laptops is to have everything turned off or set to low. However, this will impact the graphics of Valorant and will lower the image quality. To Fortunately, there are some settings which you can change to improve game visuals without it impacting your game’s FPS too significantly.

There are also some PC settings outside of Valorant that you can change to increase FPS & performance. These settings will optimize your PC to run Valorant smoother.

You can optimize your PC by adjusting settings to reduce latency and imrpove performance through the Windows settings. Many of these recommended changes are available on low-end PCs.

People with an NVIDIA…

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