Got a new Canon 90D? Make sure to do these 3 things before you start shooting. From registering your Canon to having your camera with the latest Canon firmware update. Many people overlook a few of these steps, but by doing them you’ll keep your camera up to date and ready to go.

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Canon EOS 90D: | #CommissionsEarned

Safety first! So, attach the strap to the camera, once you are done, set the time and date on your camera once your battery has been charged. If you want you can get yourself a better strap, like the one offered by Altura Photo.

Altura Photo Neck strap: | #CommissionsEarned

Now the first important thing you’ll want to do is register your camera. Many people overlook registering their camera and they’re missing out on a lot of perks. Don’t be one of them!

To register a Canon camera, go to…