It’s a fact that DotNET has been around for 20 years and was once just the preserve of Windows, but has in recent years moved to Mobile using Mono and MAUI/Xamarin, but still big powerful systems and processors.

However, thanks to the work of WildernessLabs there is now the Meadow F7 board, a small form factor IOT board based around the Adafruit Feather. This means you can now write your Dot NET C#/F# code and truly run anywhere.

The idea of this talk is to show that your existing DotNET skills can be used on IOT platforms without the scary Arduino version of C, you really do now have the skills to write code that will run anywhere.

I am just a DotNET dev like you, I don’t work for WildernessLabs and this is not going to be a sales talk about the Meadow system, I backed the Kickstarter and I just enjoy playing with IOT.

I want to show you that it’s not scary and you do have the skills to get that LED blinking before automating your home.

We’ll discuss:
– The process of…