CrDroid Rom Android 12 – Should You Install It? | CrDroid Rom Review On OnePlus 7T


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In this video I am going to Review CrDroid Rom for OnePlus 7T. In previous Video i showed you How to Install CrDroid Rom on OnePlus 7T and this is review video for it and I will give some insights about the CrDroid Rom for OnePlus 7T and should you Install CrDroid Rom for OnePlus 7T

Install CrDroid ROM:

Install Derpfest OS:

Install GCam On Android 12:

New Way To Take Screenshot:

Unlock Bootloader:

Make Windows 10 Bootable Usb Drive:

2 Ways to Fix Qualcomm Crashdump Mode:

Remove Jailbreak:

Jailbreak IOS:

Install Paranoid Rom:

IOS Activation Lock Bypass:…