CUSTOMIZING MY NEW MACBOOK PRO 2020 13" | Tips & Tricks to Customize Your MacBook!

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✰Hey all Welcome to another V I D E O!!! I hope you enjoy this one!! I loved Julia’s spin on her macbook so I thought I would do the same!! I hope this helps you!!

✰w h a t ‘ s – t h i s – v i d e o – a b o u t ? In this video I teach you how to organize and prepare your computer for college. I teach you how to create custom desktops using canva, create fun new icons and more. This video is created by the queen herself JULIA K CRIST’S MACBOOK CUSTOMIZATION VIDEO (linked below). I will link her video below along with her website.

✰Julias v i d e o ~
✰Julias w e b s i t e

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