Detroit become human – Linux – [Steam Play Proton]

Detroit becoming human Demo – Linux – HIGH settings with Steam Play Proton (5.0-10), the Linux compatibility layer from Valve.

The settings are show at the end of the video: the goal is to stay in the 45- 60 FPS range with this specific configuration: I7 3770 + GTX 970 (See details in PC CONFIGURATION and TWEAKS below).
The game is rendered at High settings but at 90% that means 1821×1024
(1920x1080x0.9 gives 90% of the total pixels, then keeping the aspect ratio constant will get you a resolution of 1821×1024)

It is possible to play at higher settings but due to memory limits of the config you’ll get drops in the 30’s FPS. But this game was never well optimized on PC …
Another option with this config would be to play at 30 FPS locked with higher settings.

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