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Do THIS Before Starting Your World | Minecraft Bedrock Guide Season 3

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Your Full Settings Guide Including Settings You Didn’t Know About!

00:00 – Intro
00:27 – Color palettes and themes
02:08 – Goals
04:03 – Find a seed (chunkbase)
07:43 – Resource packs and addons
09:54 – What now?
11:09 – Outro

Welcome to Bedrock Guide Season 3! This series is here to walk you through the game of Minecraft that exists on PC, Mobile devices (some still call MCPE), Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch. In this series it is my goal to help you make the most of your world, starting with the most basic of things in the game, through understanding redstone, game mechanics, and how to build/design your own farms!

If you enjoy the series, you can show it by hitting the like button, and commenting on every episode! I will often ask you to give your tips, tricks, and advice in the comments, and I will frequently either use them myself in future episodes, or even display your comment in an episode as a tip of the day!

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