Enable Virtualization |Play lag free Pubg in emulator |10 times better performance | SpeedUp Windows

How to enable Intel VT-x and AMD -V to run games like pubg mobile without any lag and upto 10 times faster by enabling Virtualization Technology on your laptop computer. Virtualization results in maximum efficiency and utilisation of CPU making it faster than ever.
Sppedup your android emulators like Memu, Bluestacks, Tencent Buddy and other emulators
You can run emulator smoothly without any lag and can play heavy games like pubg mobile , free fire and other games and apps. Make your computer a super gaming machine.
This video tells what is Virtualization and how to enable it.
All the new intel and AMD processors supports Virtualization. Intel VTx and AMD SVM mode
How to Download android apps and gaames in laptop or desktop computers and play games smoothly?
You need a emulator for this. Just download any emulator like memu , bluestacks, tencent buddy for pubg mobile , free fire. But problem arises due to lag. Game do not run smoothly. to overcome this problem you need to enbale…