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Family Historian 7 – Media Manager Supreme

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Family Historian has become the genealogy media managers must have tool. The onscreen media management of source documents, personal and place media is above that of any competitor software making Family Historian 7 the virtual Media Librarian for and family history researcher.
The enhancements in the latest version just make the package complete.

Bringing your birth, mariage and death certificates into your file along with burial and personal photographs makes further research so quick and easy adding real quality to your research. The abilities to search and filter such large genealogy media libraries is a dream for any familiy historian.

Support links:
Family Historian User Group:
Family Gistorian Knowledgebase:
Family Historian Wish List:

0:00 Intro
1:35 Adding meta tags
2:34 Drag and Drop media
3:26 Add frame link to group photo
5:25 Why add media
6:55 Other ways to…

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