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Fedora 37 'Workstation', but a better version..?

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Looking at an atomic/immutable release by Fedora that is a prayer/dream come true, and possibly the way ahead for all Linux distros (eventually). That is, a secure, read-only ‘host’ upon which applications are ‘layered’ by one means or another. In this case, Silverblue uses ‘Flatpaks’ as the primary application source – and they are excellent – and they are backed up by a containerised version of Fedora 37 in ‘toolbox’ (VM?) form, as well a a third fallback of direct layering (lost on any ‘host-upgrade however) of the host using ‘rpm-ostree’ commands in the (common across all choices!) terminal. A total eye-opener for me, and deserves a lot of attention. My ‘daily driver for life’, as “EB” would say: BUT I mean it…
Best wishes, stay safe…

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