First 10 Pixel 4 XL Settings to Customize Right Now

There are a ton of settings to change on the Pixel 4 XL! Out of the box it comes with Android 10 which has the latest and greatest features! Follow along or just to a section of interest.

Google Pixel 4 XL:
Pixel Stand:

00:00 Pixel 4XL Intro
00:32 Transfer data from your old phone
01:30 Pixel 4 XL Navigation Gestures
07:23 Pixel 4 Face Unlock Setup
10:02 Google Autofill Service
10:57 Home Screen Settings, Widgets & Customization
18:36 Customize Android 10 Quick Settings
20:25 Android 10 Keyboard Settings
26:22 Turn on Live Caption
28:12 Turn on Google Assistant 2.0
30:39 Pixel 4 Continued Conversation
33:00 Camera Settings & Features
36:06 Google Photos Tips
38:41 Pixel 4 Recorder App

Pixel Data Transfer With Cable:
Google Account Backup & Restore:

My Video Equipment:
Main Camera:
Camera Lens:
Second Lens:…