FIRST 5 KEY things to set up on a new MacBook!

You just got a new MacBook and are setting it up. What are the first things you should do when you get a new MacBook? What should you make sure is setup? Time stamps below ⬇️⬇️

0:00 Roll Intro
0:33 1st thing
1:03 second thing
1:20 3rd thing
2:06 4th thing
3:01 fifth thing
3:42 6th thing
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In this video, I go over some things that most people will eventually get to doing on their MacBook or maybe just forget about doing in the beginning when they get a new Mac that they have to set up from new. I was setting up Girly’s new MacBook Air that she got and these are some of the things that I made sure to do for her right from the beginning. I didn’t include any downloads or anything because those things are down the road, but I could include some of the things that I think everyone…