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Fix the Steam Deck's Biggest Problem!

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The Steam Deck is amazing, but the screen isn’t cutting it in 2022. This accessory fixes it.
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The Valve Steam Deck is a lot of people’s first Linux device. When it first hit the scene in early 2022, gamers went wild for a handheld without platform lockout and with access to a large portion of Steam Libraries everywhere. The Proton compatibility layer enabling Direct3D games to run on Linux opened up a world of opportunities, fiddling, modding, and more. No group of users are more enthusiastic than Deck owners and while I’ve been loving mine, I can’t help but hate the display. I upgraded my base screen to the 512GB anti-reflective display but that didn’t do it for me either. It lacked contrast, dynamic range, luminence, and more. Returning to my Nintendo Switch OLED, colors seemed more vibrant, highlights…

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