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Focus on Educating Brains: The Role Of Stress

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“Given the right environment, human brains naturally learn. Our new series “”Educating Brains”” focuses on how to use cognitive science to aid in learning. This week we’ll talk about the role of stress in education.
Office Hours for 11/12/2022 – Show # 963
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00:00 Start – First Hour Questions in Comments
01:04:56 *** What is the role of stress in learning? ***
01:24:42 Are we talking about acknowledging that stress is just a part of learning overall or are we talking (mostly) about providing accommodations for stress in formal learning?
01:33:48 A major contributor to stress levels within any group of people is conflict. What are some useful techniques to “cool things down” without creating more conflict?
01:37:10 Would you agree that there is a significant difference between ‘pressure’ and ‘stress’ in that stress is pressure I don’t want ? Pressure alone, I think, is not…

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