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Fortnite Just Totally SCREWED Controller Players… (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

In this video today I’m gonna be discussing the shocking change that Epic made to controller Fortnite PS4 + Xbox a few days ago. I’m sure 99% of you guys have already heard about it but in case you haven’t, on Friday totally out of the blue the Fortnite status account tweeted: “With the improvements we’ve made to Aim Assist, we plan to remove the “Use Legacy Look Controls” setting on March 13. To use the new settings and maintain your legacy sensitivities, select “Copy from Legacy” in the Fortnite Controller Settings and toggle off “Use Legacy Look Controls.” and then they followed that up immediately after with “Note: Players who have “Use Legacy Look Controls” enabled when the setting is removed will have their legacy sensitivities automatically converted to the new Sensitivity settings.” So Fortnite made it pretty clear cut with those tweets, legacy aim assist and settings will be totally removed from the game for controller players on the 13th. And whenever you…

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