The 4GB Nvidia T600 is a new RTX Pro graphics card designed for workstations but today we’re going to see how it handles itself in games. I put the weaker 2GB T400 to the test last month and was pretty impressed by what it could do, so how does this more powerful, better spec’d card hold up?

0:00 Introduction and Specifications
0:38 Comparing The T600 To The T400 (GTA 5, Cyberpunk, RDR 2)
1:49 The 4GB T600 Gaming Performance
1:57 Forza Horizon 5
2:45 Battlefield 2042
3:31 The Witcher 3
4:00 Far Cry 6
4:41 Cyberpunk 2077
5:19 Fortnite
6:00 Red Dead Redemption 2
6:49 GTA V
7:22 Halo Infinite
8:09 Conclusion

Thanks for watching 🙂