GearLock 6 Installation In Phoenix OS Android X86 – What Am I Doing Wrong?

OK, so just as the title is saying. I’ve installed GearLock 6 into Phoenix OS, the installation all went fine with no errors but when I go to launch GearLock it’s showing an error and is not launching.

For anyone who doesn’t know. GearLock 6 is the latest version of GearLock by AXON and the Supreme Gamers team who are the Devs of DarkMatter for Phoenix OS. This version of GearLock is now independent of Phoenix OS DarkMatter and can be used with any variation of Android X86.

Among many things that can be done with GearLock, you can upgrade the Kernel of Android X86. Which basically means upgrading the Kernel of any Android X86 derivative, such as PrimeOS, BlissOS, RemixOS, PhoenixOS, basically anything that’s based on Android-X86 can have a new Kernel and simple Kernel install and upgrade via GearLock 6. You can also do the exact same thing and upgrade or replace or install new or different versions of…