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Hidden Google Tricks 99% of People Haven’t Seen Yet

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Hidden Google Tricks 99% of People Haven’t Seen Yet

Google Chrome is one of the most commonly used browsers around the world due to the performance it offers compared to other browsers. However, it makes use of a lot of the system resources and can be laggy at times while scrolling web pages. In order to improve the browsing experience, Chrome provides options to customize the browser. But, these additional features and tweaks provided by Chrome are not available to the user by default. These experimental features in Chrome are hidden and can be accessed through the Chrome flags.
Smooth Scrolling is one such experimental feature in Chrome that can be enabled or disabled through the Chrome flags. This feature allows you to scroll and navigate through the page content smoothly. If you notice that scrolling on the webpage is laggy or there is a jerky animation while browsing the internet, then you need to enable this smooth scrolling feature.

If you are noticing this stuttering…

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