How To Disable Siri from TouchBar [MacBook Pro/Air] [Turn Off Siri Touchbar Toggle]

How To Disable Siri from TouchBar | Remove Siri Touch Bar Toggle! Do you want to Turn Off Siri Touchbar Toggle? If you own a MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air, but don’t use Siri, then you might want to Disable Siri from MacBook TouchBar. The main reason, is if Siri is disabled, then the Siri touchbar is useless, and you need to turn of Siri Touchbar Toggle. Furthermore, even if you use Siri on MacBook or MacOS, sometimes you might accidentally activate siri when utilising the touch bar. If you wanna remove Siri from MacBook TouchBar, learn How To Remove Siri toggle on MacBook Pro, MacBook Air & MacBook!

How To Disable Siri on MacOS entirely:

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