How to Enable, View, and Clear Task Scheduler History in Windows 11 [Tutorial]

Task Scheduler, the built-in utility from Microsoft lets you schedule any task to initiate automatically. For example, you can create a task for your monthly bills and schedule it and it will automatically open at the scheduled time. All these entries you make to create a task are stored in the Task Scheduler event log but you need to enable the history to check these entries. With just a few tweaks you can easily enable, view, and clear the Task Scheduler history in your Windows 11/10 system.

With the Task Scheduler app, you can create and manage all your common tasks and your computer will automatically carry out those tasks at the time you specify. To view all your task entries stored in the app library, you need to enable the task history in the application.

Issues addressed in this tutorial:
task scheduler history enable
task scheduler history not updating
task scheduler history disabled windows…