How to get the Best Audio on Zoom for Musicians- part 1

Disclaimer: Zoom has a lot of automatic sound compression settings. You can turn some of them off in the settings, but it still seems like the guitar tone has some weird compression/tone issues when recording with zoom, so as of now, I still don’t recommend using guitar with zoom if you want high quality guitar tone.

Settings for better audio quality:
In the zoom app, go to preferences, then click Audio, then click Advanced:
“show in-meeting option to “enable original sound” from microphone” (checked)
Suppress persistent background noise (disable)
suppress intermittent background noise (disable)
When you’re in the meeting “turn on the original sound” in the top left corner

Tips in video:
Get direct internet signal, not wifi

Use your mixer, plugged into your digital interface, then into your computer.

Equipment used in this video:

Rode Mic:

Splitter mentioned in video:

Apple USB Ethernet Adapter: