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How To Go Back to iOS 15 from iOS 16 [FULL TUTORIAL]

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How to go back to iOS 16 from iOS 16 | Remove iOS 16 Beta & uninstall back to iOS 15! Do you own an iPhone or iPad and want to get rid of iOS 16 Beta, and go back to iOS 15? If so, this video is for you! I will teach you how to go back to iOS 15 from iOS 16 this tutorial. The process to remove iOS 16 beta and go back to iOS 15 is very easy, and I will walk through how to delete the iOS 16 Beta Profile and uninstall iOS 16 beta off of your iPhone or iPad, with the end result of iOS 15 going back onto your iPhone or iPad. Keep in mind Apple will block the iOS 16 downgrade in September 2022, meaning after then if you want to uninstall and remove iOS 16 Beta, you would need to upgrade to iOS 16 stable instead of downgrading back to iOS 15.

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