Here are some quick tips on keeping your RESOLUME ARENA project or playlist organized, simpler and easy to collaborate / share projects.
We will hear a very much one-sided-biased opinion on sorting decks, edit thumbnails and colors and talk on the practices that increases efficiency as a live VJ and producer
I am super interested to know how your deck looks, or what’s your tips to keep everything organized. pls drop a comment!
0:00 What is this video about?
0:56 Essential Features to keep eyes on!
2:20 Get rid of things!
2:36 Saving Layouts
3:24 Making Layout for Studio Works!
4:04 Demonstration
4:54 Making Layout for Live Performance!
6:04 Colorize Clips and Layers
6:53 Power of Mighty Thumbnails!
7:42 Reference Show
7:53 Outro
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