How to install Linux GUI apps with WSL 2 on Windows 10

Windows 10 Tutorial: Here’s how to install Linux GUI apps with WSL 2 on your computer. In addition, we look deep into how the integration works, and we outline the instructions to remove graphical Linux apps from your Windows 10 installation. More details ➤

Additional info:
When using WSL2 with support for GUI apps, the integration automatically starts a “companion system distro,” which includes a Wayland, X server, pulse audio server, and all the required components to make the experience possible. After you close the app and WSL, the system distro will end automatically.

Table of contents
00:00 Intro
01:25 WSL2 Setup
03:41 Linux GUI app install
05:27 Integration details
07:59 Linux GUI app uninstall
08:47 Closing

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