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How to Open RAR File on Mac | Extract RAR files in MacBook

This video guides about how to open rar file in mac using macOS Sonoma.

Extracting RAR files on Mac allows you to access and use the contents of compressed archives efficiently.

To learn how to open rar file in MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, simply follow the step-by-step guide.

Here are the Steps to Extract RAR Files on Mac:

1. Click on Apple logo on top left corner and then click on “App Store”.

2. Search for “The Unarchiver” in the app store and click on “The Unarchiver” by Mac Paw.

3. Click on Get button and then click on Install button.

4. You might be prompted to enter app store’s password.

5. Right click on Rar file and move you cursor to “Open with” and select “The unarchiver”.

6. Click on “Extract” button to extract all the contents of rar files.

So, the next time you come across a RAR file on your Mac, don’t panic. With The Unarchiver, you can easily extract its contents and access all the files inside.

In case of any issue while extracting contents of rar file…

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