How To Optimize Low-End Laptops and Boost Minecraft FPS. This is worth watching

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In today’s video I’m going to be optimising and trying to boost the fps of my low end laptop that I featured in my last video ‘ Play Minecraft on a Low End Laptop’ I go through all of the essential Optifine settings you need to be using as well as do Windows Tweaks and performance settings and even run some PC Optimisation software to try and get the best results!

This should hopefully improve the FPS and I’ll show How To Fix Lag and Boost FPS in Minecraft on a Low End PC and Low End Laptop

Lets see what results I get using Windows Toolbox, Optimization software from Tweak Central called Azurite and Hone

The specs of the Laptop I’m using:
Dell Inspiron 1564
Intel Core 330M (Intergrated Graphics) 8GB DDR3 500GB SSD

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