How To Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING and PRODUCTIVITY ( #Part1, Windows Settings )

This is the first video of the new series ( How to optimize windows 10 for gaming ). I will start from the very basics like in this video where I demonstrate how to optimize the Windows 10 settings panel for gaming and productivity, and in the next videos, I will demonstrate more advanced techniques on how to optimize Windows 10 for gaming and productivity but still doable by a casual Windows 10 user.

If you are looking for the complete Windows 10 optimization guide to optimize windows 10 for gaming and productivity, this series is exactly what you are looking for!

This video and series of videos are recommended for everyone using a Windows 10 machine and highly recommended for people playing video games on their computers.

Comprehensive Guides:
👉Best settings for games:
👉Best places to buy in-game currency:
👉PC Builds:…