I make a Windows 10 install actually good with LTSB and Tweaks!

In this video I show off a decluttered version of Windows 10 Enterprise called Long Term Service Build (LTSB). Along with tweaking some stuff such as tabbed Explorer windows, and making it feel like a more Windows 7 experience.

Quicky Timecodes:
1:45 – Configuring Windows 10.
2:56 – Restoring “This PC / My Computer” icons.
5:26 – Installing WinAeroTweaker and fixing a tonne of stuff (disabling defender / restoring Windows Photo Viewer which you need in this build)

9:26 – Fixing the start menu with Open Shell (aka updated Classic Shell)

11:20 – Restoring the explorer description bar with OldNewExplorer

12:40 – Disabling updates with Windows Update Blocker

13:29 – Adding tabbed explorer browsing with QTTabBar

15:22 – Adding bookmarks to…