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I Wasted $420.69 on Walmart Tech

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Is Walmart’s house brand tech any good? We put it to the test
$20 MacBook:
Tech We REALLY Wish Came Back:
Microsoft Has LOST Their Minds:
TikTok Made Me Buy It:
I Built A Laptop, Again:


Chapter Titles
0:00 Hello and Welcome (to Wal-Mart)
0:10 Wireless Earbuds
1:15 Wireless Charger
2:55 4K Streaming Kit
4:04 Niu KQi3 MAX
5:06 Game Onn Gaming Starter Kit
6:04 Testing It Out
6:45 Earbuds Testing
8:10 1440p Webcam w/ Ring Light
8:59 Webcam and Microphone Test
10:04 250GB…

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