In this video, we will learn how to install Python 3 on Ubuntu Desktop Operating system, using two most popular methods.

In the first method, we will use Ubuntu’s default package manager called “APT” to download and install from a Package repository. This method is preferred to setup Python, on a development machine.
In the second method, we will download the source files from PSF’s, compile them and build binaries. This method is preferred to setup Python on a secure and critical environment, like Production Server.

Now there are two ways to proceed from here. You can just pick a method & use the commands provided below. Just copy, paste and run them in your terminal one by one, and you will have a working setup on your system. You can do this, if you have some basic understanding about how Linux based systems work.

But if you new to the Linux world, then I strongly recommend you to go through the full video. Because we will touch and discuss lot of things in…