iOS 12.5.2 iPhone 6 FULL REVIEW + Jailbreak iOS 12.5.2 Tested!

iOS 12.5.2 iPhone 6s FULL REVIEW | Should you update to iOS 12.5.2 on iPhone 6? iPhone 6 NEW Update is out, in the form of iOS 12.5.2. iOS 12.5.2 is the brand new iOS 12 Update for iPhone 6 & iPhone 5s. iOS 12.5.2 is new iPhone 6 update, which brings bug fixes to iPhone 6. The thing is, iPhone 6 is an old handset, and a new iPhone 6 Update could slow down the iPhone 6.

I will review iOS 12.5.2 iPhone 6 in this video! I will test iOS 12.5.2 on iPhone 6, to see whether or not you should update iPhone 6 to iOS 12.5.2 update! I will test iOS 12.5.2 Battery, iOS 12.5.2 Performance, iOS 12.5.2 Stability, iOS 12.5.2 Speed & iOS 12.5.2 Battery Life on iPhone 6, and by the end of this video, I will let you guys know whether or not to update to iOS 12.5.2 or Furthermore, I will test Jailbreak iOS 12.5.2 on iPhone 6, to see if the latest iOS 12.5.2 Jailbreak was patched in the security update! If you enjoy my iOS 12.5.2 iPhone 6 Review, make sure to leave a like!

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