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iOS 13.3.1 & iOS 13 BROKE MY iPad…DANGER!

iOS 13 released this year, for most iPhones & iPads. This year however, iOS 13 was dubbed iPadOS 13, so that Apple could sound like they’re making something original, which they aren’t. iOS 13 ruined my iPad pro 3rd generation: there are SO MANY BUGS with every iOS update from iOS 13.2, and iOS 13.3.1 has destroyed my experience. iOS 13.3.1 & iOS 13 have so many bugs, that Updating from iOS 12 wasn’t worth it after all.

This video discusses all of my iOS 13 (iPadOS 13) struggles: iPadOS 13.3.1 & 13.3 are firmwares which Apple should’ve never released! Seriously they are so broken on my iPad and iPhone, that I wonder why I even left my iOS 12.4 device in the first place!!! This is a lesson that you should never update your iPhone or iPad, no matter what iOS firmware you’re on; the Fancy “new” features that iOS 13 gave, also came with a tonne of bugs!

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